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Time, no one has too much of it, most of us have too little of it but all of us have the same amount of it – 24 hours each day, 365 days a year. We complain about “time on our hands” and we complain that “I don’t have enough time.” We are alternately bored and time moves like molasses or we are swamped and time “flies.” Physicists and philosophers argue about whether or not time really exists and atomic clocks tell us how to be accurate to .5 of a millisecond. In some countries, it is rude to be late and in others, it is rude to expect people to be tied to a clock. It is hard to escape time. However, when we do, the world seems to slow down and become a more peaceful place.

The short ideas, quotes, questions and exercises in my daily blog are all about helping you to think about time differently. This blog is not simply or predominantly about “managing” time. Managing time is only a small aspect of our ability to deal with the time in our lives. Tips on managing time do not deal with the underlying influences that time has on our lives. If you want to better manage time, you must first see time for what it really is. These blogs will help provide the lens for a new way of looking at time. Or at least that is my intention.

Whether or not time exists in a physical sense, it is certainly a reality in our lives. If I don’t show up for work on time or keep an appointment on time, it may cost me my job or a friend. Some of us control our time better than others and some of us can never seem to control our time. The daily thoughts and challenges in this blog are designed to help you think about and deal more effectively with the seconds and minutes of your life. The more zealous you are about answering the questions each day and conducting some of the suggested activities in my blog, the more valuable these blogs will be for you.

It is a great deal like going on a diet. You cannot simply read about the diet, you must practice the diet. This blogs will work for you if you read, reflect, answer and perform the daily reflections. Do not be tempted to skip over a question or think that you will come back to it tomorrow. Tomorrow will be another day. Do each day, one at a time and don’t skip or ignore any of the questions. If you do these faithfully, you will find that your world and the way you think about time have forever changed. The ultimate goal of my blogs is to help make you a master of time rather than a slave of time.

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  1. William VOEHL
    Feb 26, 2020 @ 10:17:23

    How we use our time can make a difference



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