Do you march to a different drummer?

He (or she) marches to a different drummer. We all know someone who fits this description. Often, we might like to be that person. The person who seems true to themselves, who sets their own cadence, who charts their own path, goes their own way and is oblivious to time and other constraints.

Imagine, a person living in our society today who did not care about time or who set their own time to live and do things. We might believe that it was impossible to manage by one’s own time or we might envy such a person. A person who sets time by their own clock in modern society might be an anomaly. Would he or she be someone who was simply out of place and a misfit? Or would they be a true entrepreneur of time – a free spirit in a world demanding instant time gratification.

Answer your phone, answer the door, answer your email, don’t forget the appointment, where is my cell phone? In a clock oriented society, we march to the seconds, minutes, and incessant ticking of the clock. Time to go to work, time to go home, time to wake up, time to eat, time to play, time to sleep, time to watch TV, time for fun, time, time, time, the incessant drumbeat that never stops. How many of us are constantly marching to the beat of the time drummer?

Have you ever wanted to march to your own beat? What would it take to put time aside? Could you do it for one day? Could you pick some days to live by your own schedule each month? Would you only be able to do this on the weekend? Are you ever off the clock during the week? What would your life be like if you could go off the clock more often? Why not? What stops you from “marching to your own drummer?”

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