Government disbands the IRS: April fool!

April fools day. What an interesting way to begin a month. Did you ever wonder where this tradition came from? Why is it okay to “fool” people on this day of the year? It appears that though many countries in the world share this tradition, the origin of it is still quite disputable. Some say it began as a means of fooling people as to the beginning of the real year while others see it as connected to the crucifixion of Jesus. Nevertheless, it is a time of hoaxes and trickery. You can amuse yourself by Googling the “greatest April fools day tricks of all time.”

Of course, many of us are perhaps more concerned about our taxes then “fooling” around. For some, April is when the IRS must be paid. If you are like I am, you start trying to itemize all of your receipts and keep your fingers crossed that you will not owe the government any money. We like to think of our “tax refund” as a kind of a down payment on our vacation for the upcoming year. No refund, no vacation.

What does the month of April mean for you? Are you a trickster or do you habitually get fooled? Have you ever played an April fools joke on someone? Why not? Go ahead and use this day to play a joke on someone? Keep it funny and see what happens?

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