Do you want to know what really matters in your life?

What matters most in your life? Do you want to find out? There is a simple way to do this. Take out your checkbook and your daily scheduler. You must be entirely honest with this exercise. Looking at both your checkbook and your calendar for the past week or month, where are you spending your time and your money. Make a list of the areas that you spent your most time on and most money on. Did you spend 100 dollars on a charity but 300 on eating out? Did you spend 24 hours in the past month watching TV and four exercising? If so, then your priorities would suggest that dining is more important than charities and that watching TV is more important than exercising. Your time and money does not lie. It says what really matters in your life. The doing is more convincing then the saying.

What do you say really matters in your life? What do you like to think really matters most in your life? If you are consistent with your values, then where you spend your time and money today will match your values and priorities. This is the true indicator of what is important to you and what you really value. The rest is wishes and dreams. Deny it if you want to, but actions speak much louder than words and we will all be remembered by what we do more than by what we say. This is a very difficult fact for many of us to reconcile. We all have many ideals that we espouse but unfortunately we don’t take the time or effort to live up to them.

Where are you spending your time today? What do you really value? Do they match? If not, what do you need to change in your life to bring it more into alignment? Are you willing to make the sacrifices necessary to bring your values into alignment with your behaviors?

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