Will the clock help you to stay fit?

Staying fit by the clock. Can time affect our diets? Some experts proclaim that there is a best time for everything. They say this applies to eating, sleeping, drinking and exercising. By following the best times, they report that you can stay healthier and happier. Staying fit by the clock is a philosophy that stresses consistency. You exercise and eat at consistent times during the day. However, with the many changes that each of use faces in our lives, we must fit our exercise and eating into the varied patterns that our daily schedule will face. Modern life does not allow many of us the luxury of a fixed schedule that never changes.

For instance, in terms of my own exercise schedule, I find that it must be flexible to accommodate my teaching schedule. My teaching schedule changes from quarter to quarter. Thus some quarters, I am teaching nights and others days. I adapt my exercise schedule to these changes. Some months, I exercise in the morning, some in the afternoon and some in the evening. There might be better times to exercise, but some exercise is better than no exercise regardless of when I do it. I have even run as late as 11 PM when it was dark and quiet.

I also like to pay attention to my body clock as well as my time clock. I don’t care if it is “eating” time or supper time. If I am not hungry, I am not going to eat. Eating by the clock seems foolish to me. We have so many experts giving us advice that we forget to listen to our own common sense. What does your body tell you? Do you feel good? Do you feel healthy? Are you proud of your looks and your health? If not, then you probably need to do something different. Explore, read, and ask an expert but DO NOT put all of your health and happiness into an expert’s hands, no matter how many degrees they have.

How can you take charge of your life and your time now? What is keeping you from taking responsibility for your own life? If you already feel that you do, wonderful.

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