What was the worst day of your life? I will share my mine but time changes one’s perspectiive.

What was the worst day of your life? This is probably something you really don’t want to think about very much. I asked myself this question just a few minutes ago. It does not seem fair to ask you to think about it, if I have not done it. I thought about the day my first wife left me for another man. I had quit my job and moved back to her home state with her. She came out a few weeks early to find work and help get us someplace to live. We had both planned on doing this after we graduated college. I had to stay back to pack and get out furniture and belongings out. When I joined her in Wisconsin, things did not seem right. She seemed distant and cold. I spend the days looking for work.

One day I came home early one day to find her in bed with another guy. I hardly said a word. I took some clothes and moved to an apartment in a small town not far away from where we had planned to live. I wanted to be able to see my daughter as my wife had made it clear that she no longer wanted to live with me. I had no friends, no job and now no family. I called the only person I thought might be able to help, my mom. I asked her to come out and spend some time with me. She said she was sorry but she could not. My brother was facing a statutory rape charge and she had to go to court with him to help his case. I said I understood. At this point, I felt rejected by the whole world. Even my mother did not seem to care about me. I don’t think I could have felt any lower or worse. I had no job, no family, no friends and was living in a new town 1500 miles from where I grew up and where I did not know a single person. .

Now, looking back at that moment, I am thinking: “Well, if that is the worst day of my life, then things have never really been very bad for me.” I had not lost my legs or eyesight. I had not been diagnosed with incurable cancer. I had not lost any children or my wife. Indeed, my life was not really all that bad. I can think of many who have had it a great deal worse. By contrast, I did not have any right to complain. There will be many of you who have had days that make mine look like a picnic. However, in another sense, my worse day, your worse day is all relative. I felt like it was a very terrible day. I thought about suicide and I was depressed for two weeks. I could have checked out of this life. At the time, it seemed easier to do this then deal with a world where I was unwanted by even my own mother. It reinforced feelings of inferiority and negativity. Nevertheless, I did not check out and now ironically, I can look back and say that things have never really been terrible in my life. I have had bad things happen, but overall I have many more things to be thankful for.

Have you answered the question yet? What was the worst day in your life? What does it bring to mind for you? Have things gone from bad to worse for you or is your life getting better? If things are getting worse, where can you go for help? There are people who want to help you. There are people who will care about and love you. The worst day in your life can be the start of a new life where each day can only be better. Give life a chance. Ask someone for help. If you have already weathered the worst day of your life and things have only gotten better, then take some time to share your happiness and joy with a friend or family member. Many of us have blessings that the world would love to share.

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