It’s Time to Go!

It’s Time to Go!  A brief play in one act by John Persico Jr.
The Time:     Today
The Setting:  My living room
Characters:  John the blogger
                      Charon:  The boatman who carries souls from this world to the next
John:  Sitting peacefully in his living room reading a book.  Suddenly, a strange looking man appears:
John:  “Who are you?”
Charon:  “It’s time to go!”
John:  “Go where?”
Charon:  “You will find out when you get there.”
John:  “What if I don’t want to go?”
Charon:  “You don’t really have a choice.”
John:  “Can you tell me where I am going?”
Charon: “No”
John:  “Am I going to heaven or hell?”
Charon:  “I don’t make that decision.”
John:  “I am very sorry but I am not ready to go.”
Charon:  “That is what they all say.”
John:  “Look, I have really just started to enjoy life.  I am due to collect Social Security in September and things would really be good then.  Couldn’t we postpone this trip for a few years?” 
Charon:  “No”
John:  “What about the chance to say goodbye to some loved ones and people I have not seen for several years, would a few days make any difference?” 
Charon:  “It is too late for that.”
John:  “I don’t think this is very fair. I have been leading a good life. I give to charity. I have been helping other people and I am finally in that part of my life where I am beginning to hope that I can make a difference in this world.  Couldn’t I get some sort of a delay?” 
Charon:  “No”
John:  “What about trading me for someone else? There are a lot of people who this world would not miss.  Why not take one of them?”
Charon:  “Would you want me to take your wife Karen instead?” 
John:  “No, of course not!”
Charon:  “Then please come along. It’s time to go.”
John: “Look, what if I made a deal with the devil to buy my soul?  Is that a possibility?”
Charon:  “No”
Charon:  “It’s time to go.” 
John:  “I really don’t want to go.  Could I have a few hours to say goodbye to Karen and Jeanine and a few of my close friends.”
Charon:  “No”
John:  “There were many times in my life when you could have taken me and I would not have cared. Now just when I am really starting to enjoy life, you come along and say it’s time to go.  It’s not fair.”
Charon:  “I seem to recall you telling your kids and students that life was not fair.”
John:  “Well, maybe I have changed my mind.”
Charon:  “Why are you making my job harder? It’s time to go.”
John:  “Sorry, but you are a real stubborn SOB! Is there no deal we can make?”
Charon: “No”
John:  “What about one last meal?”
Charon:  “No”
John:  “How about a last minute speech”

Charon:  “No, it’s time to go”
John:  “Still does not seem fair.”
John:  Fades away in the distance with Charon the boatman
When it’s your time to go, will you be ready and willing?  What if your time was today?  

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anthony Trinh
    May 19, 2012 @ 11:26:19

    I've stared at this question for at least 45 minutes… When I decide when it's my time to go, I will be ready and willing. Overwhelmed with happiness really. I will be able to reflect on the greatness of life itself. Appreciate all the wonderful experiences I've had which life has to offer. I'll look at the people around me and know for a fact that they knew I was put on this Earth to do something special and that it's now my time to leave them. I'll look back and know that I had left a positive impact on the universe! Is that too much dream? I honestly just don't know. But I'm trying either way.

    This seemingly easy question is by far the most difficult one you've asked and I've read about 15 of your entries. Maybe it's because I rarely if ever think about death.

    If my time were today, I'd be content with my life so far. However, I'd accept the fact that most people don't get to chose when they go.

    Also, excuse me if this isn't well written. I just didn't know how to answer it until I just let it fly. No filter!



  2. Jeanine
    May 19, 2012 @ 17:42:28

    I have always been a very positive person, which is why I have this notion that when it is my time to go I will be tired of living like so many, many of the aged who declare that they have lived to long and they pray that the good Lord take them. One such person this brings to mind is Aunt Mary who turns 97 this year. Then you have to wonder if this is an honest feeling?? Now my own mortality, and the fact that I do not choose is becoming more and more a reality. I liked your blog. I feel you have many, many Social Security checks to collect!! And I'm NEVER wrong. Besides, you'd never let the government keep all that. Love you.



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