Why do we need all those damn Latinos anyway?

In honor of Cinco De Mayo and partially due to the fact that my writing was on hold this week due to a computer outage, travel and several other excuses, I want to repost the attached blog “Why do we need all those damn Latinos anyway.” I think it is appropriate for the noted holiday. I was surprised that Google did not acknowlege it with a logo or icon as they usually due on their splash page. As usual, comments are appreciated.

Aging Capriciously

Chicanos, Mexicans, Latinos, Hispanics, Mexican Americans, Spanish Americans, it’s all so confusing, what do I call them anyway?  Why can’t they just take a simple name like we do: Gringos?  You don’t see White people making it hard for others to call us names.

mexican american familyWhen I grew up in an Italian American neighborhood, we were wops, dagos, greasers, and guineas.  As in:

“You think im some goombah housewife with big hair and big jewelry??”
“You dirty wop, go back to Naples”
“You stupid Guinea, go back to Africa”
“What’s up dago?” 
by mikey ambrosio February 07, 2005

When I grew up, it was the age of cowboy shows.  The early shows were collected from old movies and brought to TV and featured such notable characters as Hopalong Cassidy, Lash Larue, Gene Autry, Tom Nix, Zorro and many others.  Early TV had two roles for Latinos:  Sidekick or villain.  Mexicans got…

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  1. Jayna Persico Leone
    May 08, 2015 @ 19:03:57

    Because negative neuro-feedback loops are killing our future generations 😦 because we have a chance to make the 1900s right this time.



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