Map Monday: this sovereign nation called Ukraine

A very thoughtful analysis of the Ukrainian crisis by Robby Robyn.

Robby Robin's Journey

As the world watches in horror as a megalomaniacal tyrant re-enacts what our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents lived through in Europe in the last century, it’s impossible to contemplate writing about anything but the travesty – the evil – that is unfolding in Ukraine.  How foolish we were to think that this couldn’t happen again.  How foolish we were to think that Europe really could exist in peace.  The only bright signs are how strong the Ukrainian resistance is proving to be and how the world is working together to isolate Putin and his horrifying act of invading a sovereign nation with no provocation whatsoever.  It’s Map Monday, and we need a few maps to tell Ukraine’s story. [Click on any map to see it in greater detail.]


Ukraine is a country of approximately 44 million people.  To put that in perspective, its neighbour Poland has a population of 38…

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