Is it a Good Day to Die?

As you read my blogs this year, you might want to reflect on how much time you have spent in your life, how wisely you have spent it and how much time in your life you have left to spend. A wise man once said: “live each day as though it will be your last, but spend your money as though you will live forever.” No one knows exactly how much time they have left in their lives. The wisest path for all of us is to live our lives by making the most meaningful choices in respect to both our time and money.

The short ideas, quotes, questions and exercises in my blogs are all about helping you to think about time differently. There are too many books and lectures about “time management” and I have no desire to simply add to the pile. Managing time is only a small aspect of our ability to deal with the time in our lives. Tips on managing time do not deal with the underlying influences that time has on our lives. If you want to better manage time, you must first see time for what it really is. I want my blogs to help provide a new way each day for you to think about the “time” in your life.

Whether or not time exists in a physical sense, it is certainly a reality in our lives. If I don’t show up for work on time or keep an appointment on time, it may cost me my job or a friend. Some of us control our time better than others and some of us can never seem to control our time. The daily thoughts and challenges in each of my blogs are designed to help you think about and deal more effectively with the seconds and minutes of your life. The more zealous you are about answering the questions and conducting some of the suggested activities, the more valuable these blogs will be for you. Thus, do not simply read these blogs. Take a pencil and paper and when you have some time. answer the questions that I pose. This will bring home the reality of time for you and help you to see what issues and challenges time holds for you.

If death did come knocking on your door to take you by the hand and lead you out of this world, what affairs would you most want to get in order before you would leave? What is stopping you from getting your house in order? Do you think you will live forever? The Cheyenne had a war cry that went: “It is a good day to die.” Are you ready to die today? What would you need to change before you could answer yes to the question?

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