What do you really value?

What do you have time for today? They say we can tell what a person values by where they spend their time and what they spend their money on. A church leader I heard speak once said that people will often exaggerate what they do for others or what they really value. He went on to say that a true and accurate picture of their values could be gleaned from their daily calendar and their check books. Where they spent their time and what they spent their money on would truly show you what their values were. This would be an interesting activity.

For many of us, the things we say that we value would not line up with the time and money we spend. What about you? Have you ever taken the time to look at what you spend your time on and where the bulk of your money goes? What would such an examination of your calendar and checkbook say about your values? Would you be consistent with the values that you have expoused to your family and friends? Are you spending time on the right things and the right people? If not, why? What stops you from being more congruent with your espoused values? What would it take for you to have a better match with those things you say you value and how you really want to live your life?

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