What is more important – Time or Money?

I have often thought that time and money are a lot like matter and energy. Physicists tell us that matter and energy are convertible or exchangeable. Matter can be transformed into energy and energy into matter. Indeed the famous equation by Einstein E=MC2 is evidence of this ability. I believe that the same is true of time and money. If I have a great deal of time, I can do things that it would normally take money to do. For instance, I can do my own home repairs, car repairs, house cleaning etc. On the other hand, if I have lots of money, I can exchange it for time by paying someone to do these things for me and thus creating more time for myself. My theory about time and money helps me relate my time and money to each other. Thinking of them as interchangeable allows me to prioritize both my time and money and to conserve on what is most important to me. I do not treat either as them as fixed and immutable.

If I job needs to be done, I simply review my priorities and my assets (time and money are both assets to me) and decide the best way to get the task done. I might pay someone to mow my lawn if I want to do something else more productive or fun or I just might do it myself. I do not feel that I have to do all of the chores or tasks in my life. It will all depend on what it happening at that time in my life and what my goals and objectives are. A great deal will also depend on what I really feel like doing with my time and money. Without this theory, it is very easy to let people pressure you into spending time or money that you would rather conserve or exchange. For instance, I always pay a shop to do my motorcycle oil changes and tune-ups. I would rather be out riding than repairing my bikes. Many bikers abhor the thought of anyone working on their bikes. I have friends who spend more time repairing and fixing their bikes then they do riding them.

What is most important to you today? Are you sacrificing time for money when you would rather have more time? Or are you sacrificing money for time by paying to have something done you could do yourself? Are you happy with your balance between the two?

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  1. Anonymous
    Feb 17, 2010 @ 04:34:40

    Hi John,
    The question of time and money is always asked by busy people. Perhaps what we need is just a longer day with less need for sleep.
    In reality, this is a simple riddle to solve. Money is more important, since with money you have more options just as you have identified in your discourse.
    Without money time can be a burden. You may not be able to enjoy the activities that would be available for you to enjoy because you could not afford it. You may look with envy at those who do have the money to enjoy that which you can not.
    Work provides many gifts to people. It provides money, a social life, a sense of accomplishment and a title by which you can describe yourself.
    I've often heard the saying that you will never see inscribed in a tombstone, “I wish I had spent more time in the office.” However, how many of us wish that we had been more productive in our past. The pride of accomplishing something for which we can point as ours. In fairness, I must add that legend has it that Leonardo Di Vinci complained on his death bed that he regretted dying because he had planned on doing so much more.
    Free time is best enjoyed as a gift to our selves. How we chose to spend that time is often governed by the available money we can spend to engage in this activity.
    I'm glad that you have put aside some time to share your thoughts that you've typed from your lovely home in the suburbs on your expensive computer. Nice to have options.
    Your friend,



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