When have you experienced timeliness?

Timelessness is that state when time does not seem to matter or when time seems suspended. It is those points, episodes or events in our life when time does not seem to flow or when we are totally unaware of the passage of time. I remember spending ten days in the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota. It took about a week for me to stop thinking of time and to stop looking at my watch. After that, I was almost totally unaware of the passage of time. Life seemed to slow down so that each moment I focused on could have lasted forever. Only the shifting of my mind caused any movement in the world or so it seemed. Schedules, to-do-lists, appointments all disappeared.

I moved when I wanted to, paddled when and where I wanted to, ate and rested when I wanted to and not by the movements of the hands on my watch. Time became non-existent except by virtue of the sun, moon and stars. Clock time, machine time, watch time, 24 hour schedules no longer existed for me. After leaving the Boundary Waters, it took me a few days for reentry. I had to reenter the world of schedules and work-time. I had to adjust again to time where we take a break on a schedule and count the days until the weekend.

Have you ever experienced a state of timelessness? When was the last time that time no longer mattered for you? What events or episodes in your life have evoked a state of timelessness for you? What where they like? Did you find them enjoyable? Do you wish you could have more experiences of timelessness? How often do you have any experiences of timelessness? Do you suppose this is a skill that could be developed or do you think it just happens? What if you could develop a skill to create timelessness whenever you wanted to? What would life be like for you if you could suspend time whenever you wanted or needed to?

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