What if you had only one week left to live?

You have only one week to live. We have explored this concept before in terms of life expectancy. However, let us think about it again but with a different time frame in mind. Right now, how long do you think you have left to live? Hopefully, it will be a very long time. But what if you went from thinking you had twenty or more years to live and suddenly found out you had only one more week left on this earth? God forbid that should ever happen to you, but it does happen. It might be one of the main reasons we all dread that annual visit to our doctor. We fear that we might hear some bad news. I recently had an MRI and a Colonoscopy within two weeks of each other. Both times, I was very anxious less I hear the dreaded news “you have cancer.” We all know someone who received this news but we don’t know how we will respond until we hear it.

One week is a lot more than one second but a lot less than one year. I would not wish such news on anyone. We would all trade for more time, but if you only had one week, how would you make the best of it? Even one week is better than the sudden death that comes from an accident or other catastrophe. It is probably too late for those trips you never took or the time to spend with some friends and relatives. However, it might be enough time for some apologies and goodbyes or perhaps one last adventure you always dreamed of. One week to spend. So many things we want to do and so little time. No time to spend worrying about the life we wished we had lived. We have one week to conclude our business on this earth and wrap it up. In some ways, it would be wonderful if we were all given a one week warning of our impending death. We might be able to use this last week very effectively.

How would you spend your last week? Would it be a week of doing or being? Would you opt for finishing some things or would you choose to be more peaceful and contemplative? What are the most important things you would want to accomplish during your last week on earth?

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