Don’t have enough time to get things done?

Is the day running out and you still have a lot to do? There does not seem like there is enough time in the day to do everything that needs to be done. How often do you feel that your day has run out and you have not accomplished anything?

I begin some days with great intentions to work, exercise, write, get some chores done or start a new project. Something interrupts my momentum and it can be all down hill from there. A friend calls unexpectedly. I run out of something and have to go to the store to find a replacement. The car breaks down. The weather is good, bad or terrible. There are a million things that can turn my best plans into rubbish. I started off on the right foot, but the left foot never hit the ground.

Some days my momentum never starts. I don’t even start off on the right foot. I have all of these good intentions but I just do not have the energy. Perhaps life seems overwhelming or I feel depressed or I ate too much the day before. I want to crawl into a hole and hide. I feel like a failure and the day has not even begun. I need to get kick started. I need a coach or something to get me motivated. As my day begins to run out, I may try to put on a last minute burst of work to get some things done, or I might just say the heck with it. I will do it tomorrow.

Maybe, how we feel at the beginning of the day is life sending us a message. “Take it easy today; you have been stressing yourself out too much.” Or, “Get in gear, you are full of energy and today is a great day to get things done.” We need to allow life to talk to us and to follow our natural rhythms of ups and downs. Not every day is a barn burner or “I just climbed Mt. Everest day.” Life is a series of energy cycles. Allow a cycle of work, play and rest to become part of your life. Maybe we would all live longer and enjoy life more if we had more “down” days.

Does your life seem to follow natural cycles of play, rest and work? How do you think your life would be if it did? What would you have to change to create a more natural cycle time in your life? When was the last time you had a day just running out and you really did not care?

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