Don’t have enough time to get things done?


Ten years ago, I started a blog on time. Each day for a year I published a short blog dealing with some aspect of time. My goal was to help people think about time in a positive way that would improve their lives. I have decided to redo some of these old blogs and republish them for the next year. I hope you enjoy. I will start with today which is May 5th. A variety of holidays are celebrated today around the world. Most notably in our area is Cinco De Mayo.

Aging Capriciously

Is the day running out and you still have a lot to do? There does not seem like there is enough time in the day to do everything that needs to be done. How often do you feel that your day has run out and you have not accomplished anything?

I begin some days with great intentions to work, exercise, write, get some chores done or start a new project. Something interrupts my momentum and it can be all down hill from there. A friend calls unexpectedly. I run out of something and have to go to the store to find a replacement. The car breaks down. The weather is good, bad or terrible. There are a million things that can turn my best plans into rubbish. I started off on the right foot, but the left foot never hit the ground.

Some days my momentum never starts. I don’t…

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