Day time or night time! Which turns you on?

Night Time! A time of passion! For many, a time of love or perhaps lust! For some people, it is none of these things. Instead, it is a time of dread and a time of fright. Many people are afraid to go out at night. Women do “Take Back the Night” marches to show they are not afraid to be out. People buy dogs for the protection they afford so that they can walk safely in their own neighborhoods.

For others, it is a time to turn the lights off and get into bed as early as possible. Let the night end so a new day can begin might be their motto. There are night people and there are day people. People who are love the night are called Night Owls and people who live for the day are Larks. For the day person, the night holds no allure. It is simply a time to go to bed. If you are a day person, you wilt as the night comes on. Like a flower, you start to close up on yourself and look forward to the comfort of your bed. Day people live by the maxim, “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Night people blossom as the sun sets and the darkness enfolds their surroundings. It is then that night people start to come out of their cocoons. Their energy picks up and they seem to grow stronger and more animated as the night comes on. At midnight, they turn into Cinderellas, while day people turn into pumpkins. What happens when a night person mates with a day person? It can be a source of never ending misunderstandings and adjustments for both sides.

Day people are witty and energetic as soon as the sun peeps into their bedrooms. They are anxious to jump out of bed and start a new day. The night person just wishes they would shut up and go back to sleep. The roles are reversed when it is dark and late. The night person abounds with energy and vitality and can party and socialize all night. The day person can hardly keep their eyes open or they have already fallen asleep on a couch somewhere.

Can we change our patterns? Can a night person become a day person or vice versa? Some scientists believe that night and day predispositions have a genetic basis and that they cannot be changed. If you are born a night person, you will always be a night person. Born a day person and you will always be up at the crack of dawn while the night person is keeping the shades down so the sunlight cannot filter in. Perhaps night persons have some vampire blood in their ancestry.

Which are you, a night person or a day person? How do your feelings differ between dawn and dusk? Do you notice your energy rising or falling as the day progresses? Do you have a hard time understanding those with a different predisposition? Have you ever tried to reverse your roles? Where you successful?

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