Today is the best day in the entire world history!

This is the best time in the world.  Today is the best day in the world.  There has never been another day that is better than right now. There is no better time than October 2, 2012.  Perhaps it might seem foolish to make such a claim. Perhaps tomorrow it might sound foolish. To some it will always sound foolish.  There are those who might say it is looking at the world with rose colored glasses. Others might attribute it to a foolish optimism.  Very few would see it as a statement of realism.  It will never be possible to prove it as a statement of fact.  Yet, it determines to a large extent what we do with our lives and what we attempt to do in the world. My view of the world today will affect most of the things that happen to me today and of course my attitude tonight whether or not this was a great day. 
A few weeks ago when we were traveling back home, we stopped in Austin to visit my wife’s son.  He found a job down there about a year ago and Karen had not seen Kevin in nearly a year.  While Karen was visiting Kevin, we stayed in a nice room with a kitchenette. I went to the local Wal-Mart to pick up some deli items. There was a young man behind the counter and we greeted each other. He sounded very cheerful and I asked him if he was having a nice day.  He replied “I am always having a nice day.” I said, oh, you must be feeling healthy and happy when you can make such a statement. He said “No, I don’t need to be healthy.  I get up each morning and as long as I am alive, healthy or not, I am going to have a nice day.”  I left with my goodies but I could not forget this young man’s attitude.  Neither health nor working at a rather low paying job was going to affect his view of life and the world.  I have always declared a nice day as one where I woke up feeling  healthy and he took it a step further as one where he simply work up. 
When you believe that the world feels wonderful, it changes your whole perspective on life.  On the days when I can grasp this thought, there is no other place I want to be. Things are going just right, all is well.  I feel healthy, happy and contented.  I am not unhappy with the right wing or left wing or chaos anywhere in the world.  I can just accept the world for what it is.  It is a wonderful feeling.  I sometimes wish the feeling could last forever.  I think of the quote from Dickens that: “this is the best of all possible worlds.”  Where else could I go? 
 If we look around us, we can see a beautiful place full of beautiful people and extraordinary places and opportunities. Of course, we can see the opposite if we are minded to.  There will always be war, hatred, killing and violence. It is part of human nature.  But are you part of the problem or part of the solution?  If you are not doing your share to end the problems of the world, why complain about them?  Take some time to end violence, to end poverty and to end war.  But for today, try to find only the good out there.  
See if you can find three things that make you happy or three good things that you like about the world.  Try to be aware today of the good things in your life. Write them down and look at them again when you wake up tomorrow. See if you can feel why this is the best of all possible times and today is the best of all possible days.  Tomorrow will be even better.  Can you make the choice?  

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