How important is time to you?

Here lies another blog from May 9th, 2010. I have edited some but I think the thoughts are still worth reflecting on.

Aging Capriciously

Polls show Americans like instant gratification. A recent AP Poll showed that Americans are an impatient bunch. We get antsy after a few minutes on hold; we hate to wait in grocery stores or in airports. Older people are more impatient than younger people. People in the country are just a little more patient than city people but not by much. This poll was based on 1003 adults. Most people answered they felt more time poor than money poor. Benjamin Franklin said that time was money and many of us take this truth to heart.

The findings from this AP Poll will probably not surprise anyone but it is significant in that today we are beginning to value time more than money. Economic theory or the Law of supply and Demand says that the scarcer something is the more valuable it will be. If we now have less time than…

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