How do cycles affect your life?

My running times have been running down since I wrote this blog 13 years ago. I am still running but mixing it up with hikes and walks. I have given up running the mountain trails. Too many falls. Broke my finger last year on one fall and decided that I would stick to trails and runs that were somewhat less technical or at least rocky.

Aging Capriciously


Run time!  No, this is not the run time for my computer.  This is my personal running time.  I have been running regularly for 45 years.  On the average, I run about 4 times a week and about 3 to 4 miles each run.  I am still waiting for the runners “high” where I can feel nothing but blissful peace.  I really enjoy running but through the years, there have been numerous pains and hurts to overcome.  It seems to get harder running in the winter.  I suppose running is a great deal like life, it has its ups and downs and it only gets better when we keep working at it. There are no magical highs (except for temporary ones on drugs) but in general, the pleasure I get from running outweighs the pain.  I no longer try to increase my running speed or my distances.  I will…

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