Day 303 of the Calendar Year

Times Square! It is one of the most famous places in the world. Maybe even the center of the universe. If you have ever stood at Times Square and watched the electronic lights flashing, the huge illuminated advertisements, the people from all the countries in the world passing on the streets, the vendors selling glamour and luxury, you will know you are at the center of Capitalism for the universe. Other places have their special qualities, but there is something about Times Square that fits directly in with our modern materialistic lifestyle.

The history of Times Square and how it got its name is as follows: “In the early 1900s The New York Times publisher Adolph S. Ochs moved the paper’s operations to a new tower, now called One Times Square, on 42nd Street in the middle of the area known as Longacre Square. Ochs persuaded Mayor George B. McClellan, Jr. to build a subway station there and rename it Times Square” (Wikipedia). While it owes its name to the NY Times newspaper, indirectly, it has its own history and links to the time. Each year, millions of people mark the passing of the year in Times Square by watching the illuminated ball drop from the tower. The countdown and dropping of the ball is noted all over the world as each country and state celebrate their own New Year festivities. Hundreds of thousands of people will assemble in Times Square to stand shoulder to shoulder with others just to watch this ball drop and yell “Happy New Year.” It is an event to attend and it only happens once each year. Have you ever been to Times Square? Have you ever thought of going there on New Year’s Eve? Why do you think so many people flock to Times Square on New Years Eve? What images does Times Square bring to your mind?

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