Day 316 of the Calendar Year

Life’s too short is another often heard expression having a variety of meanings. However, what is life too short for? Some people change the entire world in a lifetime, while others make hardly a scratch in time. Life’s too short to spend: “Watching TV, wasting time arguing with a fool, lying in bed doing nothing, waiting for a late airplane or missing the parade.” Though for others, this list of activities may be just the thing they want to do most. My list of things that life is too short for will not be your list of things. The following poem by Nancy Thelot has some nice thoughts about what life is worth living for and what life is really too short for:

Live: By Nancy Thelot

Tomorrow is promised to no one
enjoy your life
don’t hold grudges; life is too short for that
laugh more, cry less
please yourself; you can’t please everyone
every day is a blessing treat it as such
take the time to smell the roses
watch the sun set
live your life to the fullest
hug your love ones
let the past stay where it belongs: in the past
just live.

When you end each day, do you feel that it was a day well spent? Can you look back on your life and say that you spent most of your days in worthwhile activities? Will you be able to end your life with “no regrets?” If you can answer yes to these questions, you are undoubtedly making the most of your life. If not, you are probably spending time in too many useless and unproductive ways. What could you do to have a more fulfilling and satisfying life? What would help you to eliminate the “life’s too short for” activities?

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