Day 321 of the Calendar Year

The Walls of Time is an interesting metaphor on time. The phrase is from the title of a Bluegrass music song by Bill Monroe. The lyrics sing of a dead loved one and the promise to join her someday:

I hear a voice out in the darkness
It moans and whispers through the pines
I know it’s my sweetheart a calling
I hear her through the Walls of Time.

One can picture various walls and various structures that make a wall. Regardless of what you picture, walls separate us and compartmentalize us. A Wall of Time separates us as surely as a physical wall. Walls of Time separate generations and structure the entire history of the human race. Walls between generations make it difficult to communicate with the past. We have different life experiences that lead to different assumptions and even different stereotypes of the world. Youth see the world one way and the elderly see the world another way. Those from one generation are indelibly stamped with events and happenings which color and prejudice their view of reality. A Wall of Time separates the living from the living and the dead from the living. We are all creatures of a time that will never happen again. The choices we make and even who we become are stamped by the time in which we are born. Some might even say predetermined by our time of birth.

What does it take to pass through the Wall of Time? Can it be done? Some believe that the dead can return or even continue to walk the earth. Have you ever been to a séance? Have you ever tried to communicate to a dead loved one? Many people say they have. However, none has yet proved that they can pass through the Wall of Time to communicate with anyone dead. Do you think it is possible? Can you pass through the Wall of Time with the dead or the living? Can you even transcend the cultures and habits of the time period in which you were born?

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  1. Anonymous
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 04:32:06

    Hi John,
    Yet another interesting thought word-smithed with excellent clarity.
    My only comment to this theme, is the old adage, “Perception is reality”. Thus if you believe that you can penetrate the “Wall” and you are convinced that you have, then who is to say you haven't. Many people feel the presence of the dead at certain moments of their life, and I would not tell them that they are unrealistic.
    With respect to the “Wall” between the living, this too is an individual attitude. Every parent tries to penetrate it with their children. To attempt to remember when they were young and to remember the priorities of that era in order to better understand the behaviors of their children. But this effort is essential to obtain a path of communication so they can offer their children the benefit of the knowledge existing on their side of the “Wall”.
    Certainly, there are many who are comfortable on their side and prefer to isolate themselves with those of the same age, culture and interests, to surround oneself with like minded individuals who will not offer contradictions or challenge the value of the events that structure their lives.
    Thanks for the opportunity to discuss this.



  2. john persico
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 12:44:09

    Thanks for the comments Greg. It is good to hear your reflections on this topic. I suppose I must go to a good seance sometime to see if I can get through the wall. Wasn'it Harry Houdini would said if he could get through he would? I don't think anyone has heard from him yet.:)


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