Day 338 of the Calendar Year

If you spent your time like you spent your money, how much time would you have left? I have 9,460,800 minutes left. You can calculate how much time you have left on this earth by doing the following:

1. To find you’re expected life span. Go to Google and type in “life span
calculator” or go to the following website:
2. If you live in the USA and are reasonably healthy, you might just assume 78
if you are male and 82 if you are female.
3. Subtract your current age in years from your expected lifespan.
4. Multiply your “remaining” years, by 525,600/This is the number of minutes in
a year.

The figure that you get will be the number of minutes you have left to “spend.” Chances are you will be a millionaire, at least in terms of time. Now the question is “how will you spend your time.” Unlike money, you cannot choose not to spend it. Whether you choose or not, your time will be spent. The only choice you have is how you will spend your time. I have just spent 30 minutes of my time writing this short reflection. Was it worth it? My hope is that it will help you to think about how precious time is and how fast we spend it. If I have accomplished this goal, then my time was well spent. If not, well, “tomorrow’s another day.”

How many minutes do you have left to spend? Will you spend them wisely or will you “waste” them. What is a wise choice for you? Do you feel that you are making these choices? Why not? What will it take for you to spend your time more wisely?

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