Day 341 of the Calendar Year

Are my blogs on time timeless? As I have worked on the reflections and ideas in these blogs, I have wondered about how timeless or not timeless they will be. Will they speak to other cultures if translated into their language? Will they be readable 25 or 250 years from now? Will the ideas, questions, comments and theories still be interesting and thought provoking long after I am dead? Or will this just be another collection of faddish ideas and my blogs soon relegated to the bottom of the “used blog” pile?

How long will my blogs be readable and how many people will really find value in my blogs? Will future generations coming upon these blogs, still think they are worth reading and reflecting on? From my current perspective, the readings in these blogs should still be useful whether you read them today, tomorrow or a hundred years from now. But of course, we all have blinders on and how can I know the future or what needs, wants, desires and problems people will be dealing with 100 or 200 years from now? Today, these issues and ideas seem meaningful and important. Tomorrow, they may just be another set of antique and quaint thoughts. Someone in the year 2200 coming upon this blog may wonder about how simple and naïve people were in the 21st century.

A second question I have pondered while writing these blogs deals with how many times you could read my reflections and still get any value out of them? Or how many times, you will need to read them before you get any value out of them? I have often read something several times before the light bulbs went on and I understood what the author was getting at. There are many questions in my blogs for you to answer.

Have you really been taking the time to answer these questions or do you just read the reflections and skip the answers? What if you did answer all of the questions? Do you think you would get more out of these blogs? Is it too late now or could you go back and start over if you have been skipping the questions? Would these blogs be more valuable to you if you did answer all of the questions? Have you found any value in answering the questions? Do you think you will ever read this blog again? Why or why not? Send me your opinions; I would love to hear from you. I notice my counter stands at 135, not exactly reaching the entire human race, but someone is out there and I hope to hear from you.

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