Day 352 of the Calendar Year

Poems on time or about time have probably been written since recorded history. If you enjoy poetry, the website: has many good poems on a wide array of subjects including time. Poetry is a way of saying things very concisely but elegantly. Poetry is somewhat like calligraphy in its flowing beauty. Poets use fewer words than authors and express thoughts very succinctly but with great depth and emotion. The subject of time lends itself to poetry very well since time affects us in so many ways and concerns the past, present and future. Poetry has an inherent sense of rhythm which is a key element of time. There is hardly a subject that deals with so much of life as time and poets love subjects that are full of life and death.

I have used several poems in this book. I am not a good poet myself and have only written a few in my life. One I wrote, I called:

Mother and Father

Mother and father were born,
A long time ago.

Mother and father got married,
A long time ago.

Mother and father nursed me and played with me,
A long time ago.

Mother and father scolded me and spanked me,
A long time ago.

Mother and father stayed up all night and worried about me,
A long time ago.

Mother and father came to visit me,
A long time ago.

Mother and father died,
A long time ago.

Can you write a poem on time? Of course you can. Have you ever tried? Why not? Perhaps you and I will never be rich or famous poets, but there is a feeling of release that comes from writing poetry. Every one of us has a poem, a story and a song inside us just waiting to come out. Today is your day to be a poet. Sit down and write a short stanza or sonnet or haiku or even an entire poem. Write about life, death, family, friends, birth, weddings, nature, politics or whatever is on your mind.

Think about all of the poetry that you read on Hallmark cards. You can write as good as some of this poetry and they get paid for it. Will you do this poem for me? If you write it on Time, I would love to see it. Send it to my email address at How does it feel to be a poet or poetess?

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