What can you never do on a Sunday?

Do you remember the song “Never on a Sunday?” Do you know what you could “Never do on a Sunday?” Do you know why you could “Never do it on a Sunday?” In the song, “Never On a Sunday”, you could not kiss the heroine, because it was her “day of rest.” For thousands of years, Sunday has represented a day of rest. Whether it actually has been a day of rest is a different issue.

When I was a small child, Sundays represented going to visit relatives and having friends stop over after church to visit. Sundays have always seemed more peaceful to me and as a day to catch up and really rest from the toils of the week. I still like to visit people on a Sunday although this has become more difficult due to the busy schedule everyone has. It does not seem that people take much time anymore visiting each other on Sundays. Sunday has more become for me a time to visit older relatives in nursing homes now. Many people simply use it to work in their gardens, fix their homes up, get some extra work done or do school work.

What do Sundays represent for you? Are Sundays a day of rest for you? A time of prayer and reflection? A time to catch up on work that you did not have time for during the week? What do you “Never do on a Sunday?” What do you spend your time doing on Sundays? What would you really like to do this Sunday? What stops you from doing it? Go ahead and do it anyway.

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