Are you in time?

I am usually on-time. In fact, I generally arrive at appointments ahead of time. I loathe being late and like to arrive early to be able to “settle in.” However, I am not “in-time” as often as I would like to be. What does it mean to be in-time? In-time is most often thought of as a musical term as it implies being in rhythm with a beat or harmony. It can also mean to be in synchronicity (synchronicity is a very interesting concept which we will discuss later) with the world that is happening around us. In other words, I am in-time when I am aware of the life changes going on around me in society and the world. I am in-time with the present beat of life. I am living now and not in the past. I take part in the world that is happening today and I am not waiting for the future.

Being in-time is an essential musical skill which some people seem to have more than others. Great athletes as well as great musicians must possess this trait. Tiger Woods has a better sense of rhythm and timing than most other golfers. Great leaders and great politicians also have the ability to be in-time. They have their hearts and minds on the pulse of events and the heartbeat of the population. They resonate and play the themes that are demanded by life today and not yesterday or tomorrow. You cannot get elected if you are not in-time with the world and the people. The ability to be in-time is a very valuable asset. Why do some people have it and others do not? What does it take to develop this ability to be “in-time?”

The world is happening around us every day. The Amazon rainforests are being destroyed. Global warming is heating up the earth. Fish are being depleted. Wars are being fought over oil, religion, territory, ethnicity and greed. People are being bought and sold into slavery as commodities. Crime takes an innocent victim every second some place in the world. Are you in tune with what is happening out there or do you have your head buried in the sand? Are you part of the problem? Do you erect a bunker mentality and deny the changes in the world or are you part of the solution? Denying life is the first step to being out of sync with the world and out of sync with life.

Are you in-time with life? What difference would or could it make to you if you were? How much energy do you have for being in-time with the world? Does it feel hopeless? It certainly may at time.

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