Does haste make waste?

Haste makes waste! He who hesitates is lost? These are two very popular sayings but they express two very different ideas and concepts. You well might ask which is true. Should I take my time, think things through, get a second opinion and then make a decision to act? Or is such carefulness a vice? In this day of rapid change, perhaps hesitating is to lose great opportunities. What do to? Act quickly or think things over?

Alas, the world is full of information which contradicts itself. Perhaps, the contradictions arise from the simple fact that there is no ultimate truth. Sometimes it pays to act fast and sometime it pays to hesitate. The complexity of life makes it so much more interesting. Perhaps, you have heard it said “All things in moderation.” This is good advice, however sometimes moderation can lack passion and commitment. To be too moderate, is to be very bland. There are times when you must take a stand on something. Thus, moderation itself is not always a panacea. In life, there will be times when you must rush and times when you cannot afford to rush. There may also be times when it pays to go down the middle road. It was simple for Frost since he had only two choices. Today, most of us face multiple choices. The road now forks ten or more directions.

Which path do I go down today? What kind of a day will this be for you? Will it be a day to be careful and deliberate or will it be a day for speed and uncertainty? How will you decide? At the end of this day, ask yourself if you found the right balance between haste and hesitancy? Did you? What will tomorrow bring?

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