How about "Daylight Spending Time?

Daylight Savings Time (DST) is an oxymoron. Who ever saved any time! Spring forward and fall back? So what, longer days, more time to do work, who needs it? I would like more hours of darkness, and then I could sleep longer and work less. If I work more, how am I saving time? Karen says we are really saving energy. That seems like an even bigger joke. We waste tons of energy with fuel inefficient cars and an oil based economy but we get religion twice a year and “save” energy?

If I work harder and longer, how am I saving energy? I feel like I am spending more energy every day trying to stay ahead or even just keep up. With DST, I get up earlier and work later. I can tell you a better way for us to save energy. Find a way for me to sleep longer. I would then be able to stay in my nice warm bed, keep the electric lights off, stay out of my inefficient gas guzzling car and not turn on anything in the world that consumes energy. I could stay under my nice warm blankets cuddled up with my warm spouse and keep the heat down as well. If I did not need to get out of bed, the house would not need to be heated. That would be one big energy savings.

So my suggestion for a new energy saving bill would be to mandate one day per week when no one would have to get out of bed. We could call the new policy “Daylight Spending Time.” One day per week, every loyal citizen would do their part to help the energy crisis by simply spending more time in bed. You could read a book, watch TV, get to know your partner better, play cards or have breakfast, lunch and supper in bed. Think of all the things you could do with a whole day in bed. Think of the benefits to the economy. The traffic congestion on roads would be lowered. Highway construction would be less of a necessity as less people used the roads. We would have fewer accidents. Insurance rates would go down. Gas savings would be astronomical. Road Rage would abate and stress levels and heart disease would go down. People who read more would be better educated and we could even institute a “read in bed and get your degree program.” More educated people would be happier people.

What if you had nowhere to go and nothing to do today and you could spend the entire day in bed? What would you do? Have you ever spent a day in bed when you were not sick? What was it like? What if every week, you had one extra day and you could just spend it in bed? Do you think Tuesday or Wednesday would be the best day to designate for “Daylight Spending Time?”

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  1. Anonymous
    Mar 15, 2010 @ 03:51:57

    Hi John,
    Wow! Sounds like someone needs a vacation! DST isn't for saving time, it's for saving daylight. Its goal is to maximize the daylight for the hours in which our society is most active.
    For me, I love being able to leave work and still get a round of golf in before it gets dark. I like driving to and from work in the daylight. School children like not having to wait for the bus in the darkness.
    I remember being in Alaska during the summer many years ago, and I was pleased by the constant daylight. I was able to do so many things in a day. Although, rest and reflection are valid activities, I'm sure you agree that Life is about doing stuff. The stuff that defines our lives, our foot print on this earth.
    I don't believe that we have the luxury to do only those things for which there is no hypocrisy. If we did that we would be forced to inaction. I'll take that baby step forward and say thank you very much.
    Get some rest, then go enjoy the day as only you can.
    Your friend,



  2. John
    Mar 15, 2010 @ 12:27:55

    Thanks Greg, I will keep your comment in mind as I pull the blankets over my head and try to shut out the extra daylight. 🙂



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