Who are you taking for granted?

I just never had the time. A friend died in a motorcycle accident on a mountain road. It was a trip that Karen and I had almost gone on. He was a member of our motorcycle club and a really caring and loving guy. Karen cried on and off all day. I felt like crying myself but somehow I did not have the time to cry or could not find a place to go and cry by myself. Gary was not a best friend but he was someone I liked and admired very much. He always had time for you and I never heard him say anything mean or untoward about another person. If you ran into Gary some place, it was like meeting a long lost friend. He would greet you like the returning Prodigal Son and give you a big bear hug.

Gary was a big man with an even bigger heart. Nobody and I mean nobody disliked Gary. I had intended to see more of him or occasionally go out for coffee with him. He was easy to talk to and more than pleasant to be with. He was always positive and a very fun person. Of course, I never did any of these things with him. About the only time I ever saw Gary was at club rides and club meetings. I am a very BUSY person. I never spent enough time with him or told him how much I thought of him. I just never had the time. I thought he would be around longer. I really did mean to get to it. Who could have known his life would have ended so soon? I wonder if I will ever learn.

Who do you need to spend more time with? Who do you want to spend more time with? Who do you think will be around forever? What if they are not? What if your assumptions about how your friends and relatives will live were all wrong? Who would you want to see today? Maybe you should.

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