Can you anti-procrastinate today?

Anti-crastination! What does that mean? It is not in the dictionary! Well, it should be. We are all familiar with the word procrastination. In fact, most of us are probably too familiar with it. It means to put off doing something. Generally we say, “Well I will do it tomorrow or I will start tomorrow.” The suffix “pro” means to put forward and “crastination” is for tomorrow. Thus, “anti-crastination” would mean to be “against putting something off.” Most of us are guilty of procrastination but few of us could be said to be guilty of anti-crastination.

The word or concept of anti-crastination could possibly imply compulsive behavior of another sort. Someone who always has to do things “right away” would be an “anti-crastinator.” Someone who can’t rest for a second but is always going from one thing to another or who is always on the doing, doing and doing. A compulsive personality in regards to doing things might be an anti-crastinator. Have you ever wondered where all the anti-crastinators are? It seems like we have many more procrastinators than we do anti-crastinators.

Now some of us might occasionally like to have that compulsion. With less procrastination, we might get more things done and have things weigh on us less heavily. Many of us have had to deal with procrastination in our lives. At times it is simply funny and at other times it is debilitating. We can start disliking ourselves and become severely depressed with too much procrastination. Of course, as with all things, moderation is the best medicine. Sometimes is okay to procrastinate. We don’t always have to be anti-crastinators. We don’t always have to be accomplishing things or getting things done. Nikes famous slogan “Just do it” might be good for a running company but for many of us it becomes a demon urging us to get things done at all costs and with little thought.

So today, look at where it might be better to be a procrastinator. What can or should you put off doing today because: 1. you just don’t feel like it or 2: Maybe it will get done better if you have more time to think about it. Can you give yourself permission to be a procrastinator and still feel good about yourself? What will you put off doing today? How will it feel?

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