What do you do on vacations?

Vacation time rings with promises of exotic trips or simply times to do nothing. Is vacation time a form of leisure time or is it something different? The variations in what people do for vacations are truly amazing. Some of us have vacations that we need a second vacation to recover from while others simply stay home and catch up on housework or chores that never seem to get done during the year. Some of us take vacations that challenge the mind and body in terms of fitness and stamina, while others visit relatives and friends that they have not seen for years. I had a former boss who told me that I was given vacation time so that I would be able to scout the competition. I knew a baker whose idea of a fun vacation was to visit bakeries all over the world and trade recipes with other bakers. One of my best friends took vacations to places that were peaceful, calm and unremarkable. She emphasized that she did not want to go anyplace where she would feel obliged to visit a museum or go on a tour. She strictly wanted to relax and spend a week without thinking about anything. For some of us, vacations will not be leisurely while for others the opposite seems true. I have met many people who say that they never take vacations.

Vacation time evokes different meanings for each of us. What do vacations mean for you? Do you take vacations? If so, do you plan your vacations or do they just happen? Do you see vacations as a time to grow and learn new things or are they a time to relax and recover from the world? Have you ever thought of changing the type of vacations you do take? What prevents you from experimenting with a new type of vacation?

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