What does May mean to you?

May, in many parts of the world, May Day is a day to celebrate. In some countries, it recognizes the role of labor and the worker. Elsewhere, it is an opportunity to dance around the Maypole. A dance some see as celebrating spring and the nearness of summer. Others speculate the origins of the dance stem from ancient pagan fertility rites. Maypole dancing was described by the Puritans as ‘a heathenish vanity’ and was accordingly banned. (Wikipedia). Today, you can dance all you want and not have to worry about being burned at the stake as a “heathen.” Isn’t progress wonderful?

In the USA, Memorial Day (usually at the end of May) celebrates the sacrifices of our soldiers and veterans to help keep America and the world safe. Many simply see the end of May as the beginning of summer. It is a time when beaches, parks and outdoor venues open their gates. Students see May as the “end” of school; a time to graduate, look for a real job and of course attend graduation or prom parties. Have you noticed how graduation now seems a much bigger deal than it did years ago? High School kids have elaborate graduation parties, rent tuxes, gowns and limousines and go to places I could not afford until I was in my forties. Time keeps marching on and customs all over the world keep changing.

What customs do you have in your life? How have they changed over the years? Were the changes for the better or worse? What is special about May for you?

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