Can we stop killing each other?

It’s killing time! The papers are full of it. You can hardly pick up a newspaper or listen to the TV without hearing of another murder or atrocity. Each day seems to bring fresh carnage. Each instance is more unbelievable then the last. It seems there is no end to the mayhem that can be perpetrated on our fellow human beings.

For too many of us, life seems to hold little value. We have all seen the headlines, wherein some stranger kills someone for a few dollars or even for “no” dollars. Two suspects in a string of murders in Arizona were reported to have described their acts as: “random recreational violence.” We no longer need motives for killing people.

Are you appalled by such a thought as “random recreational violence? How long before we become accustomed to such killings and simply take them for granted? There are over 50, 000 highway deaths every year in the USA, but we hardly lose a minute of sleep over them unless it is someone we know. The rest of the deaths we simply chalk up to the price of living in an advanced industrial economy. Will we get to the point where “random recreational violence” is seen as the cost of living in the twenty first century? Will be become so jaded, that we simply turn the page or go to sleep without another thought as to the victims? God forbid it! God forbid it!

But what can you do? What can we do? You might wish to become a vigilante but that would not really solve anything. Is there a solution? Why does crime seem to keep intensifying? What can we personally do to stop the killing time? The simple answer lies in the personal actions that we can all take to avoid violence and harm.

Do you support peace? Do you oppose capital punishment? Do you oppose death to all people? Do you support charities that promote peace work? Do you believe that all killing is wrong? Do you look for other solutions to promote peace in the world? Can you find a charity now that supports some peace work and either get on their mailing list or send them some money? What if everyone in the world really supported peace and non-violence? You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. There can be no in between.

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