Do you know what tech time is and the role it plays in your life?

Tech-time is the time it takes to give birth to the next generation of technology. Tech-time seems to be moving faster and faster. We no sooner understand and can barely program the current technology and the new technology comes along. New technology immediately sends the older technology into obsolescence. However, old technology does not become an antique, just junk. You even have to pay extra to the trash haulers to cart away your old computers and printers. The junk yards will pay you for an old car but you have to pay them to take a used computer. Old technology is beyond junk, it is a nuisance. The other day I tried to load some old files I had and I found that the programs I wrote them in were so aged; I could not find anyway to open them. My new programs would not recognize them.

When the new technology comes out, you must get on board, or the train will leave you standing in the cold. Some people actually worship old technology. The name Luddites refers to a group of people who opposed change in technology because of its negative impact on workers. There are many of us who cling to the old and familiar and are perhaps not as enamored of the productivity gains we are told to expect from new technology. I am not one of them. I love the newest and greatest and I am usually the first to buy or try something new. Again, that is probably why I find antiques worthless. Give me the latest greatest productivity enhancing tools.

Which group are you in? Do you love new technology and can hardly wait for the next generation or do you find comfort in the old tried and true equipment? Why do you think you make the choices you do around technology? Does your feeling of time and change play a role in the technology you choose? How do you feel about the increased speed of tech-time in your life? Are you missing the potential advantages of new technology by holding onto the old? Do you think technology has made your life better or worse? Would you be happier with fewer changes or do you crave more?

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