Do you know the value of "massage" time?

Massage time. Have you ever had a professional back massage? There is nothing like it. Well, let’s just say, there are few things that can rival it. Time melts as does your body when given a one hour massage with warm oil and hot rocks. Strong hands caressing every part of my body and you don’t have to do anything except lay there. Prices for a one hour massage differ all over the world. In some places, you can get a massage for 5 dollars and in other places; it will cost you 150 dollars.

I love how time dissolves during a massage. I don’t think about what I have to do later or where I am going next. When I get up from the massage table, my body feels like it is floating. My massage time is a black hole created by the serendipitous juncture of desire, money and the availability of the masseuse that I like best. When all these three factors are in sync, it creates “massage time.”

Finding time for a massage can be very tricky. When I have the time, the person I like to see is usually booked up. I tend to like to call when I really need it and not plan ahead. Those times when I feel achy or stressed or I just want to relax more. If you have never experienced massage time, you are really missing one of the joys of life. You might say that you can’t afford it, but I would bet you spend a lot more than sixty dollars (the going rate in most parts of the US) on other stuff that you buy. Thus, it is really, whether massage is a priority. Try it once and I guarantee it will become one of your priorities. Massage time is a gift that you give yourself and it will become a special time in your life like no other.

You do not have to be a professional to enjoy a massage. Karen and I have been getting and giving each other massages for twenty years now. It will add years to your life. What stops you from getting or giving a massage? When will you try it? If you can’t make the commitment, ask someone you love to give you a gift certificate for a massage. You will never forget this gift once you use it.

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