Who created time?

What is the beginning of time? Scientists and philosophers have all puzzled over this question now for centuries. Currently we are told by physicists that all time began with the Big Bang. A giant explosion created the universe and was the beginning of everything as we know it. If you are more religious oriented you might point to Genesis in the Bible as defining the beginning of time. However, what about the beginning of “using” time to mark the passage of minutes, seconds and days? When did humans start noting the passage of time? How about the following scenario? Picture a bunch of our prehistoric relatives sitting around a campfire. Matilda notices that the fire is running out and wood is getting short. She suggests that perhaps the time the clan spends together could be measured in “log-woods.” One log-wood equals one increment of time. Two-log woods equal two increments and so on. An entire day together would be equal to 16 log woods. Owing to the inaccuracies of measuring log woods, eventually the sun dial was created and measuring the angle of the sun replaced burning log-woods.

It is much more likely that with births, aging, deaths, seasons and the planting of crops, humans noticed the importance that time played in their lives and at some point created the concept of time. Now we have the Big Bang as a rather fanciful notion of how the universe was created and where everything first started. Not that I side with creationists or intelligent design theorists. I do not accept the idea that a benevolent god created the universe for man’s pleasure but neither do I put much faith in the credibility of science to explain how it was created. Nevertheless, I delight in seeing the creative ideas that physicists have for trying to answer this question. I find it amazing that we gainfully employ armies of physicists who spend their time working on something as nebulous as the Big Bang theory and can still keep a straight face. Moreover, the rest of us are so awed by “scientists” that we would not think of questioning their theories. Scientists have replaced witch-doctors and spiritual leaders today when it comes to creating belief systems.

What creates your belief system in the world? What or who do you rely on to create and define your reality? Do you question or accept whatever you are told? Why not question more and accept less? Who do you think created time and the universe?

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