Should we start the New Year today?

Out with the old and in with the new! New Years Eve! The end of our past and the beginning of our future! All over the world, we count down the minutes and then seconds until a New Year begins. New Years Eve represents a finish and a time to put failures and bad dreams behind us. New Years day represents a new beginning. We pray and hope that each year will be better than the last. Curiously, we celebrate this ending with a night of wild parties and much drinking.

Do you ever wonder why so many people get drunk on New Years Eve? Is it simply to forget the past or is it to celebrate the past? How many New Years days have been ruined before they even got started? Tonight we drink, tomorrow we make promises about how different our lives will be and what changes we will make. Each New Years is a time of magic. We think it will mean great differences in our lives, but how long do these commitments usually last? Go to the health clubs on New Years day and the parking lots will be full. By early March, the parking lots will be back to their normal contingent of cars. The landscape will be littered with failed promises and failed New Years resolutions. Some may think that they can escape this debacle by simply not making any resolutions. Instead their failures simply remain with them day after day.

Thankfully, we have 365 chances each year to start our life anew. You don’t have to wait until New Years day to begin again. Each day you fail, tomorrow is a new start. If each day your commitments can last a little longer than the last time, you are making progress. You do not have to wait until a New Year to start over. The only failure in life is not starting over again. Each time I fall down and get up again I am a success. Each day that you make a new commitment to try, you are a success. Each time your commitment lasts a little bit longer than the last time you are a success.

So today, before New Year even begins, what are you going to do with your life tomorrow? What have you been putting off that you can now start? What do you want to do to make your life better? Who needs your help in the world? What challenges can you start? What ideas in my blog do you want to go back to? What reflections should you think about some more? What projects do you need to spend more time on? Who could you share my time with? Sharing our lives with others is the greatest success of all. Good Luck and happiness in the New Year.

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