Can we change the past? Should we try?

Have you ever wished you could go back in time or wanted to build a time machine and travel back to some event in the distant past? Thinking about time travel is an interesting endeavor. Most of us would like to be able to visit the past. A most provocative theme is that we could somehow make things right by changing what we did wrong. However, whenever this is attempted in the movies or in stories, inevitably something unexpected also changes and the results are never positive. Of course, this does not dissuade anyone from trying.

The question then is can we change the past? We all seem to think that we have to go back in the past to change it. Perhaps it is possible to undo mistakes from the past today. If you could visit the past and undo something or change the course of some event, what would you choose to change? Why? What if you could change it today? Would you try? Why not? What are you doing today that you might regret in the future? Do you have time today to change it?

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