Can we turn back the hands of time?

We have all hear the phrase or said “I wish I could turn back the hands of time.” Have you ever thought how this could be done with a digital clock? We no longer can turn back hands. We now must press buttons. Thus, progress and time marches on and on and on. However, what if we could get progress to march backwards? What if we could turn back the hands of time? Imagine all the events that it would be possible to alter. Would we be smart enough to prevent disasters? For instance, what if we could go back to the beginning of WW II? Would we be able to find a way to stop Hitler and the Holocaust? What if we could go back to the assassination of Julius Caesar? You could grab him by the toga and warn him that his best friend was going to kill him. Do you think he would believe you? If there were a way to turn the clock back, who would have the power to do so? Can you imagine everyone running back into history to change things? Who would decide what to change?

But let us imagine just for today, that you had the power to turn your clock back. What time would you turn it back to? Where would you turn it back to? Then what would you do? What would you use your power to change or do differently? Would you try to save the world or simply undo some stupid things that you personally did?

Sadly, we all seem to forget that while we can not take back any actions or words that hurt others in the past, we can make amends for them today. What if you made a list of things that you would like to change in the past and started today to make amends for those things? Could you pick one thing you would like to make amends for each week and work on it? How would you feel? How would this change your life? You really do control your own destiny and perhaps can turn back the hands or as least digits of time.

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