Who would not want to be wiser and younger?

Chronos in Greek mythology was the god of Time or the god of the ages. When something is arranged “chronologically”, it means it is ordered in time, usually from oldest to most recent. I once heard someone say, it is a shame we are not born backwards. If we were, as we grew older and hopefully wiser, we would also grow younger and healthier. This is an interesting idea but not likely to happen soon. We read every day about a mythical fountain of youth or some magic that will unlock the aging process and we will never grow old. There are researchers looking to find a cure for aging who believe that ageing could be cured as we cure any other disease. Imagine taking a pill or a shot to cure “old” age.

I am not going to hold my breath for any of these aging fixes. Of course, I may just have my body frozen cryogenically so that I can be revived at some time in the future when our health systems have cured whatever disease I die from, including old age. . Or I may just be cremated and have my ashes scattered to the four winds so I can become part of the universe again. I have not decided which path I will take. Then again, my spouse just may see fit to bury me alongside of her. Karen refuses to have me stuffed, which I thought was a good way to keep me around and in memory.

What will become of you when you die? Will you be buried, frozen, cremated or stuffed? How do you want your memory retained by others? Does it matter to you?

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