Can we make time?

“Make time!” is a phase that rings hollow in our ears. How often have you been told to make time for something that you needed to do? Do you know what you can make time out of? Is time made out of clay or wood or steel? Are there blueprints for making time? As valuable as time is, I know of no one who can professionally make time. Only God can make time. If we could “make time” we would also be gods, since God was the only one in the bible who made time.”

Of course, you might say that I am missing the point or at least not responding accurately to the true meaning of the phrase. What people really mean is that they want us to find the time, to reprioritize our time or to drop something else that we are spending time on so that we can do something else. None of the activities that we can do to reschedule our time really “make” time; they simply shift our priorities or they shift what we spend our time on. If I could really make time, I could have a 48 hour day each week in which I could catch up on things. While everyone else would only have a 24 hour day, my day would be twice as long. I would say “today, I have 48 hours.” I would not want to have to work twice as long or twice as hard. I would simply “will” my day to have 48 hours compared to the rest of the world. As I watched each of you work, it would appear that you were moving in slow motion compared to me. One day like this each week would be enough.

If I could sell this ability to make time, think how rich I would be. How many people would love to be able to purchase a 48 hour day each week? How much would they pay for it? What would I make this time out of is another question. The third law of thermodynamics states that matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed but simply changed from one form to another? I would be making something out of nothing which again is beyond mere mortals. But what if you and I could make time simply by willing it so? How much extra time each week would you make for yourself? Why? What would you do with it? Would you share it with others or keep it for yourself?

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