Does the "early bird" really catch the worm?

When I was young, I learned the saying “the early bird catches the worm.” Somehow, I really internalized this phase and it has become a sort of mantra for me. I can hear myself saying this a million times over in my life. Perhaps this ingrained bit of advice has become the defining way I live my life. I am forever up early; early to appointments, early to airports, early to parties, early to events. It does not really matter what the meeting is, I will be early for it.

Reflecting on it a bit, what does this little advice about catching worms really mean? I have seldom, if ever, caught a worm and when I did, it was in the evening. I remember shining my flashlight at night on the lawn and finding all sorts of worms. I don’t ever recall seeing any worms in the morning. You might say, well it is evident that getting up early helps you get the day going sooner, you have more time to spend and you will be more successful. At least, that is what I think it was supposed to mean. I have done this all my life, always gotten up early, been early to all my appointments and I am still waiting for my worm. Maybe, if we knew what worm we were supposed to be looking for, it would be easier. However, I am still not sure what kind of worm I want or even if I really want to catch a worm. Judging by the amount of late people out there, it would appear that many other people are not interested in catching worms.

Is there any validity to this bit of wisdom? Will you really be more successful, if you are an early bird? Do you think the “early birds” are catching more worms in life than the latecomers? Have you caught all the worms you want yet? Did you find “getting up early” was your key to success? Do you think you would be more successful, if you were more of an early bird? What works for you in your life, sleeping late or getting up early? Does it really make a difference?

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