Can you tame the beast of time?

“Taming Time” would be an interesting title for a book. I typed this phase “Taming Time” in on the Amazon Book site and came up with 417 hits. A quick look down the results showed numerous books with this title. Most of them seemed to focus on time management or tips to “tame” time. The metaphor or allusion to time seems to indicate that it is a wild beast that needs to be tamed. However, have you ever tried to tame a wild beast? Would you trust a so called tamed lion or tiger around your children? Can we really time a wild beast?

If time is a wild beast, are we perhaps kidding ourselves by thinking that “201 tips” on time will tame this beast? What if time were not tamable? What if we just had to live with this beast? Perhaps there is a better opportunity for an original book on time titled: “Living with the Beast of Time.” Well, how do we go about living with a wild beast? I suppose you must have plenty of patience, courage and awareness towards the beast. You might always have to be on guard for some moment when the beast reverts to its natural state. You could never fully trust that the beast might not someday become wild and violent.

If you are living with a wild creature, you have to respect it. A lack of respect could really get you in trouble with a lion or tiger. I think the same is true for time. Do you respect time? How do you treat the time in your life? Do you see it as a wild or domesticated creature? Do you think you can tame it?

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