Do you want to learn how to have more time than you ever thought possible?

Do you want to become a “Time Millionaire?” A Time Millionaire has learned how to wisely invest time and get more back than most of us would believe possible. Investing time is a lot like investing money. You cannot make money if you do not invest money. You may make a salary each week, but no one ever became a millionaire on just a salary. If you want to make a great deal of money, you must invest money and of course, that means taking a risk. A good business person is willing to take “prudent” risks. The same applies to getting more time in your life. You must invest time to make time. The time that you get each day is your “salaried” time. You will never become a “Time Millionaire” on just your weekly “salary” of time. You must invest time to make millions in time and that means taking a risk. The risk is that your time investment might not work out and you will not receive the extra time you hope to have earned.

Have you ever noticed that successful people seem to be able to accomplish so much? They seem to have more time than the rest of us. Their secret is that they have learned the ins and outs of “time investing.” Most of the rest of us just hoard our time. Hoarding time is like putting your money under the bed. It will not do you any good there. You must spend time to make more time. What you spend your time on is the key. It is the principle that applies to what you spend your money on. If you spend your money on buying frivolous things, you will not make money. If you spend your time on frivolous pursuits, you will not make more time. How can time multiply? The same way that money multiplies. Other people will lend, give or sell you their time and the multiplier effect works the same way with time that it does with money.

Smart business people invest with other people’s money. Smart time managers invest with other people’s time. Following are three keys to wise time investment. The first key is to learn how to ask other people for help. A smart time manager know when to aks others for help. A second key is to learn how to network and create more leverage from those you know and also those you don’t know. This key helps you build a larger network of people who may be smart investments. A third key is to generously give time to other people. This time will come back to you many times over when these same people will someday be happy to provide you with their time or help you later on.

Watching TV each week is not investing time. Helping a friend, going back to school, working on a part-time business, writing a book, learning to play an instrument are all good investments of time. When you invest time in worthwhile goals and in worthwhile people you will soon find your time multiplying. You will begin to accomplish more and more by spending less and less time. You will soon find you are becoming rich with time. You are on your way to becoming a “Time Millionaire.” You will someday have more time and accomplish more than you ever dreamed was possible.

How much of your time is spent frivolously each week? How much time are you spending watching TV or watching sports? How much time are you spending on good investments? How could you increase the amount of time you invest each week?

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