What if you could go back in time? What would you change or where would you go?

If I had a time machine, my time machine would not sit idly in the garage. I would be soaring through the past like an eagle soars on the winds. I can think of hundreds of places and people I would visit. Imagine, the past becoming alive again and us being able to be a part of it. Each day would be a new adventure as I traveled back in time to relive the major events of history. I would visit dinosaurs, see the Roman Empire at its peak and have supper with Alexander the Great when he was still a young teenager.

Do you believe in time machines or that we may someday be able to visit the past? There are dozens of movies in which time travel has been the main theme. Think what the world would be like if time machines became as common as the automobile. Yes, there is the troublesome “time paradox.” This paradox assumes that we could not live in the present if we went back and somehow changed our past. However, what if the time paradox was wrong and we could change the past and not affect the future. The very idea is a contradiction. Think about hundreds or thousands of people going back on a regular basis to change the past. People who wanted to change their stock picks, people who wanted to change their spouse, people who wanted to change foolish decisions that they made. What an interesting or crazy world it would be.

If time travel became common, we would need rules for traveling like we have rules of the road today. We would need red lights and stop signs for different parts of the time continuum. A mandatory rule instead of “don’t speed” would be “Just go back and look.” How many people would obey the rules? Right! About as many people as obey speed limits and stop signs. Well, forgetting the time paradox, what if you could go back? Where would be the first place you would go back to? What if you could only go back in time three times? Like the genie, that only grants three wishes, your machine only has enough energy for three visits. Where would you go? Why? What or who would you most want to see? What would you change about the past if you could?

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