What is Prime TIme for you?

We are all familiar with the concept of “Prime time.”  According to Wikipedia, Prime
Time is defined as “the block of time with the most viewers and is generally where television networks and local stations reap much of their advertising revenues.”  Thus for some, Prime Time is where the most money can be made.  
However, what if we thought of Prime Time as a kind of Angus Beef time, in other words the choicest time of the day or our lives?  Just like there are different cuts of beef denoting the value of the beef, we could have different cuts of time such as: Standard time, Choice Time, Select Time and Prime Time.  Choice Time would be a lower grade of time.  Work time and time spent on activities that were necessary might be Choice Time.  Select Time would be time that we can select to do what we want with.  Select Time can be play time or relaxation time or time which we just spend in front of the TV. Prime Time is the most special time of the day. It is the premium time we spend.  It is the time that is richest in flavor and value. It is the time that you would least want to give up. 
My Prime Time is the time I spend with my spouse when we both come home from work. It is the time that I spend with my grandchildren and the time I spend with my best friends.  I am never sure whether my other times will be fun or worthwhile.  The time I spend with my loved ones transcends being fun or worthwhile.  It is a prime part of my life. 
What is the Prime Time of your life?  Do you regard Prime Time as ongoing, or do you feel you have already “tasted” it?  Can you enjoy Prime Time every day of the week or do you just have a few days of Prime Time each week?  Do you have enough Prime Time in your life?  What can you do to have more Prime Time in your life?  

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