Mans Inhumanity to Man

I am out of town this next week so I am reposting one of my favorite blogs. If you have read this one already, you might want to visit my other blog site at I have nearly 500 blogs I wrote on this site. I will have a new blog next week but this week was so busy, I decided to do a reblog. If you have not listened to the music with this blog you are really missing the essence. The music is haunting.

Aging Capriciously

I have advice from a respected friend who says it is better to be positive than negative.  Generally, I think there is much truth to his comment.  Pessimists, cynics, skeptics, and critics seem to live hard unhappy lives.  Studies show that though optimists may not live as long as pessimists, they live happier lives.  We can look around us and see misery, inhumanity and poverty or we can look around and find kindness, generosity and love.  So why would I write about “man’s inhumanity to man?”  Perhaps I cannot give you a good reason.  Sometimes it just seems so egregious to me and terrible that I feel the need to condemn it.  I can not always have a “Happy Face” in light of the inhumanity that I see displayed by other human beings.

I am not talking about a specific act of cruelty or any one specific act that has…

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