Grow Old Along with Me

This is one of my favorite of all my blogs. I like thinking of my spouse in these terms and am happy that I have my very own “Velveteen Rabbit.” I am reposting this blog as I was on a four day vacation last week at Puerto Penasco and did not have time to write a blog this week. Many of you have probably not read this blog as it was one of my early ones at this site. I hope you enjoy. If you are interested in my short vacation, I will post pictures on my Facebook Site. We had a wonderful time full of fish, shrimp, ocean, seafood, clams and oysters. Went on a Sunset cruise and had mucho Margaritas, beer and tacos.

Aging Capriciously

We think of growing old and we think of aged people, old people, retired people, elderly people, nursing home people and dying people.  When we think of growing old, we don’t think of babies, teenagers, young people and college students.  Ironic in a way, since everyone from birth to death is growing old or is at least growing older.  Perhaps that is the difference.  Growing old seems to Imagemean aged.  Growing older is a process while growing old denotes a physical condition.    Old means droopy skin, failing health, difficulty walking and a general decline in one’s ability to be mobile.  To some, old is a state of being or as others would say a state of mind.  Call old what you will, but none can deny the physical deterioration that comes with growing older.

In the Velveteen Rabbit, as the stuffed toy rabbit grows older, he becomes more and…

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